North Carolina Supreme Court Chooses LexisNexis

Apr 18, 2003

LexisNexis, a provider of news and business information services, has announced that The Administrative Office of the Supreme Court of North Carolina has chosen LexisNexis as their provider of online legal research information. The six-year contract, which includes legal research for the State's judges and court staffers, complements the company's existing relationship with the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts, including all public defenders and district attorneys. With this agreement, users will have access to the full LexisNexis library of cases, statutes, rules, regulations and other primary legal materials from all 50 states and federal jurisdictions. Also included is a range of legal research tools including Shepard's, the Matthew Bender, and Michie treatise libraries, and LexisNexis. LexisNexis is the official publisher of the General Statutes of North Carolina, which is compiled, edited, and published by LexisNexis legal experts under the supervision and direction of the North Carolina Revisor of Statutes. Resources integrated with LexisNexis include: Matthew Bender treatises--law analysis written by judges, law school professors, and practitioners. Cite List Case Overviews--one- or two-sentence summaries of the main holdings of cases in the initial search results list. Case Summaries--case synopses that are divided into Procedural Posture, Overview, and Outcome. LexisNexis Headnotes--the legal points of the case summarized in language that follows the court's language. Search Advisor--this research tool uses a legal classification system made up of nearly 5000 legal topics, organized into 41 practice areas. Search Advisor provides access to cases, headnotes, law review articles, legal news stories, and legal analysis. Shepard's Signals--quick indicators reflecting precedential value that cases may have. Shepard's Focus Search--allows a user to narrow their Shepard's citation list to just those cases with a particular fact set or point of law.

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