Nordic River Announces TextFlow

Mar 27, 2009

Nordic River, a provider of productivity and collaborative tools, announced the launch of a web-based TextFlow. TextFlow is a kind of word processing collaboration Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that allows concurrent editing from multiple writers on the same text document. The intelligent text collaboration platform builds on the first version of TextFlow by allowing users to host their documents on TextFlow’s server - maintaining a full archive and history of each document as they work on it - as well as enabling the sharing of documents with user-selected individuals and/or groups. The new version of TextFlow allows users to have their entire document workflow process through one platform. Users are able to work on and store documents, create collaboration groups, and share documents with others for edits and comments. After finalizing a document, users are also now able to publish their finished documents to .doc, .pdf, or web formats.