NordVPN Launches Proxy Extension for Google Chrome

Oct 03, 2017

NordVPN has just launched another digital security tool: a proxy extension for Google Chrome. From now on all Google Chrome users will be able to secure their online activities, hide their IP addresses, and safely access their favorite websites. The new proxy extension is light and fast so users can switch between locations with one click.

Even with a VPN, there’s still a chance to experience WebRTC leaks in the browser, which may reveal a user’s original IP address. All sensitive data, including passwords of all accounts, credit card details, and even a user’s current location may be visible to snoopers and nefarious users. The NordVPN extension allows disabling Chrome’s default WebRTC protocol, ensuring that one’s online identity stays hidden at all times.

The CyberSec feature is also available in the NordVPN extension for Chrome. When enabled, it protects a user from malware and other cyber threats that lurk online. Additionally, it blocks annoying pop-ups, auto-play ads, and other advertisement material.