Nolo Selects Percussion's Rhythmyx WCM

Dec 11, 2007


Percussion Software, a developer of web content management (WCM) software for multi-channel, customer-centric applications, announced that Nolo, a provider of legal information for consumers and small businesses, has selected Percussion's Rhythmyx WCM solution to enhance online legal information delivery and to support its eCommerce platform. Nolo will replace its content management system (CMS) with a Rhythmyx WCM solution. The Nolo website provides free information that helps people with their legal questions, as well as serving as a channel for Nolo's publishing business, through sales of legal books, software, and downloadable legal forms. Rhythmyx will be tightly integrated with the eOneCommerce platform from eOneGroup, which Nolo uses to manage online product information and sales.