Nokia and Intel Collaborate on WiMAX

Jun 14, 2005

Nokia and Intel have announced a cooperation in an attempt to accelerate the development, adoption, and deployment of WiMAX technology, which is designed to bring new capabilities and data services to mobile users over broadband networks.

The companies will collaborate on several areas in support of mobile WiMAX technology including mobile clients, network infrastructure, and market development. For mobile devices and notebook platforms, Intel and Nokia plan to work closely in an effort to identify and deliver the requirements of the technology, and will work on base station strategies to help deploy a WiMAX network infrastructure intended to provide adequate coverage.

In addition, the companies will demonstrate to service providers and the industry how WiMAX can enhance data service capabilities of the network while complementing existing 3G networks. Lastly, Nokia and Intel will work together to ensure successful finalization of the 802.16e standard in IEEE and related specification work in the WiMAX Forum. WiMAX IEEE 802.16e version, which is expected to be standardized later this year, will be designed to offer portability of broadband Internet access.