Nokia Adds Sophos Anti-Virus Protection to CM Offering

Nov 04, 2003

Nokia has announced the integration of the Sophos virus detection engine on Nokia Message Protector, an integrated, multi-layer security solution purpose-built to protect email against common threats, including spam, unlawful and unwanted content, computer viruses, and other malicious attacks. Designed to provide maximum integrity and uptime of the enterprise-messaging infrastructure, Nokia Message Protector can scan more than 150,000 messages per hour in a single appliance.  

Along with the latest inclusion of the Sophos engine, Nokia Message Protector v.1.3.1 provides integrated, multi-layered email and attachment security from Postini, Kaspersky Laboratories, Zixcorp, and InDefense. The Sophos Anti-Virus technology is designed to provide Internet gateway security to: detect virus types; detect and disinfect macro, boot sector, and PE executable viruses; detect viruses in compressed attachments, including recursive archives; detect viruses inside MIME-encoded messages; and detect viruses that 'morph' during propagation--all on a single, multi-threaded virus detection engine

The Sophos engine will install and provide updates for Nokia Message Protector, with or without administrator assistance, using Nokia's automated network service. Nokia Message Protector provides a combination of message security technologies that are integrated and tested on the Nokia purpose-built SC6600 appliance. Consistent with the Nokia IP Security Platform family, Nokia Message Protector is backed by Nokia First Call-Final Resolution support network. Nokia Message Protector v1.3.1 is expected to be available globally in November 2003.