Nimble Updates its Social Relationship Manager

Oct 02, 2012

Nimble, a social relationship manager, announced its latest version of Nimble, which integrates social selling discovery, engagement and collaboration. Nimble was designed entirely with customer engagement in mind and empowers companies to nurture their customers through social listening and engagement, helping them turn their social communities into customers for life.

Nimble enables social contact management by combining contacts with email and other popular social communication platforms -- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, HubSpot, MailChimp and foursquare.

A contact is no longer a flat, static, business-card-like record of contact details, but instead has become a dynamic dashboard of social insight about the contact. Nimble has integrated with foursquare and shows shared connections from Facebook. When it's confident in a match, Nimble automatically associates Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles to a contact. Nimble already showed an integrated message history with a contact -- whether the exchange happened in email, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Now contacts come to life even more with live social streams from across a contact's networks and your top contacts are identified for authentic engagement on the right channels.