Nielsen Norman Group Announces the "2009 World's 10 Best Intranets"

Jan 09, 2009


This year saw increases in the use among top intranets of social networking and collaboration support features according to usability expert Jakob Nielsen whose user-experience research firm Nielsen Norman Group announced the winners of its ninth annual intranet design contest. Social networking has now taken root in top intranets. The most prevalent among the social networking elements added to this year's top intranets were the Facebook-like features offered in the employee directories to enrich the employee profiles. The number and type of blogs also increased this year over previous years and now include not only CEO and leadership blogs, but also employee blogs. Collaboration spaces also increased. Besides wikis and document and task handling, several of the winning intranets added spaces in which employees can broadcast requests for help or input from colleagues, marking them as "urgent" when necessary and "solved" once the issue has been addressed. The winners are: Altran, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), BASF SE, COWI Group A/S, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (DTT), Environmental Resource Management (ERM), HSBC Bank Brazil (Brazil), Kaupthing Bank (Iceland), L.L.Bean, and McKesson Corporation.