NextPage Launches NextPage 2

Sep 20, 2005

NextPage has launched the next generation of its document collaboration service, NextPage 2. This subscription service eliminates user adoption problems by not requiring a centralized repository to store and manage documents, allowing users to work online or offline, and tracking documents that come from non-NextPage users.

NextPage 2 delivers real-time status of all document versions as documents progress through their life cycles. Through a user interface called the NextPage Activity Center, NextPage 2 reports status of documents, including who has opened, who is editing, where the latest version is and what needs to be done next. NextPage 2 is designed to enhance the user's view of their documents by providing an Activity Center window that delivers a view into how the NextPage Digital Thread ties document versions together, regardless of where the versions are stored, as email attachments, on desktops, or across organizations. With the service, users continue to work with the applications they use every day--email and Microsoft Office. NextPage 2 also includes a Version Map, a graphical representation of document flow and how versions relate to each other; and Notifications, messages that warn about working on old versions and help users determine what steps they need to take next.

NextPage 2 is designed to work the way people already do, in email and Office documents. As users create, edit, and review those documents with others, the NextPage Digital Thread keeps track of who has the latest version, what changes have been made and whether other versions have been merged into the master version, reported through graphical indicators in the NextPage Activity Center. The service enables people to collaborate with non-NextPage users. As people work with non-users, NextPage tracks that documents are versions of the original and helps coordinate working with versions from non-users. Users can drag a document version into the NextPage Activity Center, and all other versions, activities, and information become immediately available. Also, the service allows multiple people to work on the same version at the same time, while the service keeps track of each version and the relationship between versions. In addition, NextPage 2 enables a user to compare differences between two document versions in one click, enabling users to simplify merging documents into the final version. NextPage 2 is available for purchase at $99 per user per year. A free trial version is available at the Web site.