NextPage Introduces Desktop Document Retention Product

May 23, 2006

NextPage has introduced its new product, NextPage 2 Document Retention, a product designed to help companies solve the challenges and reduce the risks of managing documents on the desktop. NextPage 2 Document Retention securely tracks document versions across email, hard drives, removable media, and servers, providing an audit trail to users about all document versions so they can purge working copies and post final versions to a central server for archival and lifecycle management.

Capabilities of NextPage 2 Document Retention include: the ability to automatically track document versions, where working copies of documents are automatically tracked as they are created, edited, and finalized; the ability to upload documents to a central repository, so once a document location is defined, users can automatically upload all document versions so the central repository can implement retention policies; the ability to send purge requests to delete appropriate documents; and the ability to provide an organization with an up-to-date status of documents under compliance, where users can immediately see who has responded to the purge request and purged the documents and who still has copies sitting on their desktop.

NextPage 2 Document Retention tracks Microsoft Office documents, works with the Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook clients and integrates with NextPage Data Services for shared drives and Lotus Notes. For customers interested in a pilot, they can contact NextPage and the general availability version will be released later this year.