NextLabs Announces Solution to Address Data Loss Due to Misdirected Email

Aug 19, 2008

NextLabs, Inc., a provider of policy-driven information risk management software, announced the availability of Enterprise DLP 3.5, the latest release of its host-based data loss prevention system that proactively applies identity-driven policy to prevent external data leaks, conflict of interest, insider risk, and unauthorized data sharing between employees, trusted partners and customers to achieve continuous compliance.

New capabilities in enterprise DLP 3.5 include: Enterprise DLP 3.5 applies Identity-Driven policy to detect cases of misdirected email, interactively warn the sender who is able to self-remediate before the email is sent. Enterprise DLP 3.5 extends the NextLabs endpoint DLP solution with the addition of the Removable Device Enforcer for Windows, which provides granular control over the type, brand, and model of removable devices that can be used at an endpoint. The new version also provides enhanced prevention of data loss from document hidden data, role-based dashboards and enhanced reporting.