Nexidia Unveils NEXminer Product Line

Dec 16, 2003

Nexidia, a provider of solutions for audio-video searching and intelligent mining, has announced the introduction of a product line called NEXminer. Features include the introduction of open system architectures and platforms, new languages, application enablers, and enhancements to the company's audio search engine. NEXminer is designed to help call centers automate their quality monitoring, agent training, marketing surveys, and transaction validation/processing or enterprises manage, mine, and share their audio-video contents from business audio-visual transactions, as well as automating regulatory compliance with recent corporate governance legislation such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

Nexidia's phonetics-based search technology serves as the foundation for the mining of audio-video content by allowing each NEXminer product to make decisions regarding the intent of both the user and the speaker. NEXminer was developed to accommodate the wide variety of languages, dialects, accents, and slang typically found within everyday verbal communications. The NEXminer Product Line is available both as turnkey and OEM options. It operates in a variety of configurations, such as single user or multiple users in distributed or enterprise-wide environments.