Nexidia Increases Index Speed of Audio Files and Search Speed

Feb 23, 2007

Nexidia, a developer of phonetic based technology for rich media search and speech analytics solutions, has announced that they have significantly increased its technology's indexing and search speeds to help companies uncover valuable data from their audio files. Nexidia has optimized the algorithms of its own core phonetic-based audio search technology, resulting in greater index and search speeds. With these enhancements the index speed has increased from 66 to 82 times faster than real-time and the search speed has increased from 169,000 to 548,000 times faster than real-time on the same hardware. As a result of both Nexidia's enhanced technology and the use of more powerful hardware, the index speed is 341 times faster than real-time on a single dual processor server, which means the technology can render over 8,000 hours of audio data searchable per day.