NexaWeb Releases New Versions of RIAs

Mar 28, 2006

NexaWeb Technologies, Inc., provider of a framework for building and deploying Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), has announced the availability of the latest versions of its RIA software platform and Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE)--the NexaWeb Platform 4.2 and NexaWeb Studio 2.2. With the release of NexaWeb Platform 4.2 and Studio 2.2, new features allow for creating and migrating Internet applications that are feature-rich and accessible to distributed, cross-enterprise users.

NexaWeb Platform 4.2 and Studio 2.2 key features include: Desktop Client for Offline Support, which provides the ability to create installable versions of NexaWeb-powered applications that will automatically update with Web-based deployments, enabling enterprise to run applications in an offline mode; Declarative Data Framework for Ease-of-Development, designed to ease development and maintenance of user interfaces (UI) by providing a declarative (no code) method of binding data to UI components; a Plug-in Framework Enforcing Corporate Standards/Re-use, designed to enable developers to create standard, reusable UI components that can: incorporate third-party components, be used across all projects, and be maintained by a single team; and simplify maintenance by encapsulating UI code into smaller components; an Automated Testing Tool Support provides support for testing tools, such as Mercury QuickTestPro, enabling staffs to carry out application deployments; and Support for Eclipse Web Tools, which provide a tool set that is fully integrated with the new Eclipse Web Tools Project led by IBM and BEA. NexaWeb Platform 4.2 and NexaWeb Studio 2.2 are available immediately.