Newswire.Net Launches Social Network News Agency

Jun 23, 2009

Extensions, Inc., a social networking development company, announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Newswire.Net, Inc. has launched its Social Network News Agency. is a social network of journalists and writers who will be able to exchange ideas and research, support, and encourage each other in their pursuit of reporting the news. To join social network prospective writers will submit five original pieces of work on any subject of their choosing. Once the articles are approved by Newswire editors, the prospective writer would become a member of the network. All writers will be required to sign a pledge to maintain ethical standards, and will agree to a code of conduct. Members of the Newswire network will get a full-color badge identifying them as a member of the press corps as a writer for Newswire, and as writers submit more articles, they will be able to "rise in rank" in the organization.