Newsweek and MSNBC Renew Agreement

Apr 29, 2003

BEST PRACTICES SERIES, MSNBC Cable, and NBC News, The Washington Post, Newsweek, and Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive have renewed their alliance to share news material and technological and promotional resources. The alliance, originally announced in November of 1999, brings together several of the nation's news organizations to offer coverage across multiple platforms in addition to offering cross-media buying opportunities to advertisers. As part of the alliance, Newsweek's Web site will remain on, but its domain name will change from to on MSNBC. The co-branded Newsweek site includes the entire weekly magazine, posted on Sunday mornings, plus daily features including Web-exclusive columns from Howard Fineman, Jonathan Alter, and breaking news. Under the renewed agreement, has continued access to content from The Washington Post newspaper and Similarly, and Newsweek have continued access to NBC News multimedia content, including broadcast, cable, and the Internet coverage. Journalists from The Washington Post and Newsweek appear regularly on NBC News and MSNBC Cable. The renewed alliance continues to provide opportunities for joint editorial coverage of selected major events and breaking news, multi-platform programming projects, and expanded Internet coverage. While the editorial sides of each entity remain independent, the renewed alliance provides for increased cooperation between the news organizations' business sides.  

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