Newstex Delivers Corporate Earnings Call Transcripts

Jun 30, 2006

Newstex, the Content On Demand company, has announced that corporate conference call transcripts from Seeking Alpha, a network of stock market and personal finance websites will be delivered via the Newstex Finance Newsfeed. The company also announced that Wall Street Horizon, The Earnings Calendar Company, has signed with Newstex as a partner to distribute Seeking Alpha transcripts.

Corporate earnings conference calls are now open to anybody to listen in on as a result of Regulation Fair Disclosure. RegFD has opened up the calls and transcripts from Seeking Alpha making them accessible to Newstex Content On Demand customers. Customers receiving Seeking Alpha transcripts from Newstex can tag each transcript to identify key company names and tickers, notable executives and government officials, as well as categorization of each story across multiple topics using the Newstex NewsRouter processing engine. Distribution partners such as Wall Street Horizon deliver Newstex Newsfeeds to institutional clients in the applications that people use in the format they require.