Newstex Debuts New Website, iPhone App

Oct 16, 2009

Newstex relaunched its website with the debut of Authoritative Concept, the company's new brand with a focus on news, commentary, opinion, and video content. Along with a new website, Newstex released several new ebooks. The brand will include content from the McClathy-Tribune Company, the Associated Press, blogs such as Gawker and Engadget, video publishers such as SBTV and PRNewswire, and content from governmental groups such as the U.S. Congress and Canadian Parliament.

In other news, Newstex announced the release of the Authoritative Content Distribution System, an end-to-end application for iPhones that includes support for text, images, audio, and video, and lets distributors and publishers distribute proprietary content incorporating appropriate corporate branding. The application will be available free from Apple's App Store.