NewspaperDirect Launches New Feature for Service

Mar 20, 2007

NewspaperDirect, a provider in digital delivery of newspapers and magazines from around the world, is enabling users of its service to view their news in two different ways. The new feature is called "Editors' Picks/Readers' Choice." It lets users of see which news stories were given top billing by editors, or to see which stories their fellow users found most interesting. The new feature measures the reading time for every news article in over 450 publications displayed in, and uses this to determine its 'interest value' in relation to other stories.

Within, readers use a slider bar to progressively move their view of the news from Editors' Picks to Readers' Choice. To understand which articles are of most interest to readers, tracks on the reading time on any given article. It measures which parts of a newspaper page--text of articles, related pictures, and even advertisements--get the most attention. also uses a variety of techniques to determine whether a reader read the article entirely.