Newscom and World Picture Network Images Available Through LexisNexis

Jul 31, 2007

LexisNexis has announced the addition of more photos and graphics to its collection of global news, business and legal information on the market with the addition of the Newscom and World Picture Network (WpN) collections. With this alliance, Newscom now provides LexisNexis customers access to pictures, graphics, and illustrations from the world’s publishers of global content, such as Ai Wire, Congressional Quarterly, Roll Call, and WENN. The photos and graphics collection covers 75 countries. Newscom’s sports coverage includes action from the British Open, cricket and rugby, as well as Formula 1 racing, the World Cup, the Olympics and the rest of the sporting world. With World Picture Network, LexisNexis customers gain access to a collection of primary image categories, such as news, sports and entertainment, business, science and technology, and lifestyle. WpN represents some of the world’s photojournalists, photo agencies, and newspapers.

Several key features of image searching within LexisNexis will be presented to the user, including the commingling of images with traditional text search results, which provides a more complete view of a particular topic. Subscribers to Nexis and can pay per transaction to access each photo or graphic for $6; however, there is no charge to view a thumbnail. Each image is accompanied by a caption, author and other applicable information related to the image.