NewsStand Introduces iBrowse

Jun 15, 2004

NewsStand, Inc. has introduced a new browser-based tool to read digital editions of magazines and newspapers. Publishers can now use iBrowse, a new "point and click" Web-based browser interface that is intended to eliminate downloading a reader, to efficiently reach and expand their subscriber base.

iBrowse is designed to eliminate firewall and administrative rights issues that would otherwise inhibit downloading an executable reader to an employee's desktop, laptop, or tablet PC. iBrowse also offers keyword search, hyperlinks to the Web, article pass-along, off-line archiving, and embedded rich media.

NewsStand, Inc. is a digital partner for publishers of newspapers, magazines, and other print media. NewsStand's digital delivery solution makes it possible for subscribers to download via the Internet an entire publication in traditional print format that can be read offline or online on their computer.