NewsStand Division Launches LibreDigital Warehouse

Aug 22, 2006

LibreDigital, a new division of NewsStand, Inc., has launched a service that allows book publishers to digitally capture and deliver controlled book content online. The new LibreDigital Warehouse service enables publishers to bring titles to the web, where consumers can search the entire content of a book and preview a percentage of its text and illustrations. This is made possible using the ASP-based LibreDigital Warehouse solution, to allow publishers looking to simplify internet distribution and partner management, while providing secure, controlled online content to help sell books to consumers.

The LibreDigital Warehouse service enables book publishers to display content online in a searchable format, while maintaining controls over digital rights and permissions. As part of the service, LibreDigital can digitize book content, make the content viewable on websites anywhere in the world, and directly interface with search engines and online booksellers. Features offered by LibreDigital include content digitization, asset ingest, automated tagging, digital rights management, digital content display, search, and page view control. After digitizing a book's content using LibreDigital technology, publishers can provide their distributors and consumers a way to search and virtually preview book content online.