NewsGator and U-WIRE Provide College Media Content

Aug 20, 2004

NewsGator Technologies has announced an agreement with U-WIRE to offer college media content to NewsGator Online Services users. U-WIRE annually syndicates over 50,000 articles and 10,000 photographs, all produced by student journalists. Over 50 new feeds from U-WIRE are being added, including collections of news, opinion, entertainment, and sports content from nearly 750 college media outlets in all 50 states and 15 foreign nations. The content is syndicated to several professional partners such as, Dow Jones Interactive, Lexis-Nexis, Yahoo! Sports, and now NewsGator Online Services.

NewsGator Online Services is a subscription service and pricing starts at $5.95/month per user. Users who subscribe to NewsGator Online Services can access their content from any Web browser, on any email client that supports POP3 and on their mobile wireless devices. NewsGator's other partners for premium content include InfoWorld, CMP Media, and several other publishers. Additional premium content partnerships will be announced over the next few weeks.