NewsGator and Edelman Partner for Community and Advertising Solution

Dec 22, 2006

NewsGator Technologies, Inc., a RSS platform company, has announced a partnership with Edelman, an independent public relations firm, to market a new, jointly-developed product that combines hosted, topic-based communities and dynamic conversational advertising with aspects of social media, including RSS, commenting, blogging, and rating.

The topic-based communities, called "Hosted Conversations," will offer brands the opportunity to sponsor moderated conversations on topics relevant to their products. The communities will include aggregated RSS feeds featuring content from the news media, blogs, and other social media. Each site will be hosted by an expert on the topic, allowing visitors to join the discussion by commenting on the host's posts, and by publishing their own posts on a separate blog. With Hosted Conversations, sponsors will be able to buy topical ads that function as embedded widgets on a site, branded with their product's logo and messaging. The ads will contain continuously updated RSS feeds from outside sources containing news, opinion, and other topical content, which website visitors will be able to read, comment on, and rate. The ads will contain updated outside content to encourage conversation and create community among readers.

Advertisers can also request content selection and moderation. NewsGator's Private Label Platform will provide the back-end technology for the initiative, enabling the RSS feeds, rating, and commenting while Edelman will provide the design and content for the ads, and also monitor the discussions. The Hosted Conversations service is currently available on a topic-exclusive basis to Edelman clients.