NewsGator Unveils New Version of FeedDemon

Jun 01, 2007

NewsGator Technologies Inc., a RSS company, has announced the availability of FeedDemon 2.5, a RSS reader for Windows. This latest version taps into the sharing and synchronizing power of the NewsGator Online platform and boasts enhanced features such as offline reading, secure video playing, and configurable desktop alerts. Individuals can synchronize and share their news bins by copying a post or drag-and-dropping a hyperlink from an external browser, essentially creating their own news feed that they can then share with friends or colleagues. The news bins synchronize with NewsGator’s enterprise solutions, NewsGator Enterprise Server, and NewsGator Enterprise On-Demand, so that users can make enterprise Clippings using FeedDemon 2.5.

Additionally, enhanced visibility is designed to allow users to see what the most popular topics are for both NewsGator as a whole and for their personal feeds. Users can find out the most popular topics of discussion on the internet and can discover who in the blogosphere is linking to a specific post. People can download stories, links, and images to read on airplanes or in other instances when they can’t get online. Embedded videos from video portals like YouTube play securely from within the newspaper view. Additionally, users can configure desktop alerts to notify them of new articles in their most important feeds. FeedDemon 2.5 is available for $29.95.