NewsGator Technologies Announces Availability of Hosted RSS Platform

Feb 10, 2006


NewsGator Technologies, Inc., a RSS platform company, has announced the general availability of NewsGator Hosted Solution (NGHS). NGHS is a turnkey RSS aggregation solution for publishers, media companies, content, and other service providers that allows for editorial control and flexibility for NGHS clients, and a vehicle for their online users to personalize their news and information.

The NewsGator Hosted Solution brings news, business, entertainment, sports and other categories through a personalized RSS reader accessible from within existing sites. Some key features include: Content Choices, where NGHS offers an index of hundreds of thousands of feeds across a range of subjects, enabling companies and their subscribers to access a collection of content; and Rapid Implementation, where NGHS comes with built-in templates to help customers get up and running. Users can add-in basic HTML and CSS code, choose the content, and be off and running in a couple of weeks. Since the product is hosted at the NewsGator Data Center, there is no need to manage software or servers.