NewsGator Technologies Acquires FeedDemon

May 17, 2005

NewsGator Technologies, Inc., a RSS software platform company, has acquired Bradbury Software, whose primary products are FeedDemon, a Windows-based desktop aggregator, and TopStyle, a CSS/xHTML editor for Windows. NewsGator also announced that FeedDemon will integrate with the NewsGator Online synchronization platform and be available as part of all of NewsGator's paid subscriptions. Nick Bradbury, the developer behind both those products, will be joining NewsGator as well.

The NewsGator Online platform provides an integrated and synchronized reading/viewing experience across multiple devices, such as the Web, mobile phones, televisions, and email clients such as Microsoft Outlook. Starting this summer, all paying NewsGator subscribers will get FeedDemon as part of their subscription packages at no additional charge. In addition, all FeedDemon and TopStyle customers will get a free 2-year NewsGator business subscription, which will include free updates of both NewsGator Outlook edition and FeedDemon.