NewsGator Introduces NewsGator Enterprise Server

Aug 05, 2005

NewsGator Technologies, Inc., a RSS platform company, has announced the launch of NewsGator Enterprise Server (NGES). Available in Q3, NewsGator Enterprise Server is a new product for aggregating and reading RSS content within the enterprise. Using NewsGator's existing RSS engine, services, and capabilities behind the firewall, it is designed to provide enterprise class security, manageability, and deployment. In addition, NGES optionally integrates with Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory, which eases deployment for enterprise IT departments and provides a user interface that employees are comfortable with.

Key end-user benefits of NewsGator Enterprise Server include: the ability for information workers to subscribe to secured internal RSS feeds from business systems or other sources as well as all available external RSS content; synchronization across multiple interfaces (Desktop, Mobile, Internet, etc); the ability to personalize feeds for workgroup collaboration, opportunity tracking, business and competitive intelligence, and project management; the ability to create personalized RSS feeds by monitoring keywords and URLs for both internal and external communication; full support for folders and sub folders for organizing RSS feeds.