NewsGator Announces Three Partnerships to Drive RSS Platform & Adoption

Oct 01, 2004

NewsGator Technologies, a RSS software platform company, has announced three partnerships which are expected to enhance its RSS technology platform. NewsGator customers can now synchronize their online subscription information with FeedDemon, they can enjoy a wider range of search content in their custom search feeds, and they will experience a tighter integration with weblog platforms.

NewsGator and Bradbury Software announced that FeedDemon will now synchronize subscription information with NewsGator Online Services. FeedDemon users will be able to read their selected content not only on their desktop, but also on the Web, on their mobile devices, on their Media Centers, or in Microsoft Outlook or other email clients. The next beta release of FeedDemon 1.5 will contain this synchronization capability.

NewsGator and Moreover announced an agreement to include Moreover news search data in NewsGator's search feeds. Part of the NewsGator Online Services platform, NewsGator search feeds include filtered data from blogs, news sites, SEC filings, and other sources, and return results in a single feed, with no advertising. In addition, NewsGator will carry Moreover's aggregated news search feeds in its desktop and online products, providing topic-specific information to users.

NewsGator and Six Apart, a provider of weblog publishing software, announced a co-marketing relationship focused on enterprise sales of the two companies' technology platforms. NewsGator also announced that it will be releasing new plug-ins and other technology designed to make it simple to post feed content from NewsGator products to Six Apart blogs in Movable Type and TypePad. The companies plan future co-development work to enhance the experience for RSS and blog customers.