NewsGator Announces Online Services

Jan 13, 2004

Following its release of NewsGator 2.0, NewsGator Technologies has announced its NewsGator Online Services offering. NewsGator Online Services is a set of tools that are designed to allow users to search for content, including exclusive subscriber-only content, and read this content on any device. These services are not limited to NewsGator for Outlook users. Users who subscribe to NewsGator Online Services can now synchronize their subscriptions across multiple machines. This system is intended to ensure that subscriptions follow users wherever they go, users never have to read the same content twice (unless they choose to), and supports multiple subscription lists so users can have separate, but overlapping, subscription lists at home and at the office.

NewsGator Online Services includes three content reader editions: Web Edition--NewsGator Online Services provides a Web-based content reader, which allows users to read content they have subscribed to from Web browsers; POP Edition--allows users to read their subscribed feeds in any email client, including Outlook Express and Eudora on Windows, Apple Mail and Entourage on the Mac, and email clients that supports POP3; Mobile Edition--allows users to read their subscribed feeds on mobile devices that supports HTML, including mobile wireless phones and PDA's.

NewsGator Online Services provides subscribers with the ability to search for content that matches a specific keyword or URL, and return that content in a feed. This allows users to be notified if their keyword or site is mentioned on the Web or elsewhere. NewsGator for Outlook retrieves news from news sites, weblogs, newsgroups, and other information sources that support the RSS syndication format, and automatically integrates the news items. NewsGator Online Services also provides exclusive, subscriber-only content. Initial media launch partners include InfoWorld and others to be announced shortly. Additional content partners include Full Tilt Features (an independent comic syndicate) and Ask the Builder by Tim Carter, a nationally syndicated columnist and host of a home improvement show on radio and TV. NewsGator Online Services will be available on January 19, 2004 at Pricing starts at $5.95/month per user.

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