NewsGator Announces NGES 2.0

May 04, 2007

NewsGator Technologies, a RSS company, has announced the release of NewsGator Enterprise Server (NGES) 2.0, the next generation of its enterprise RSS solution. The new version of the software can help businesses take advantage of Enterprise 2.0 tools to enhance communications and collaboration. Highlights of NGES 2.0 include a new Ajax-based web interface, sorting of feeds and articles by relevance to the user, tagging support, enhanced reporting, support for the NewsGator Go! mobile readers, and feed-reading add-ons to Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and Lotus Notes.

Enhanced capabilities for users and administrators include: a new web reader, to access information with the Ajax-based web reader and filter feeds or articles by relevance score, tag, or keyword; collaboration and discovery capabilities, to enable users to – share information by tagging or clipping articles, discover articles through tag clouds, and see what peers are reading through article-level relevance scoring; additional feed reading options to access feeds within Lotus environments with the NewsGator Plug-Ins for Lotus Notes (6.5 and 7.0) and Sametime (7.5) on BlackBerries and Windows Mobile-based devices through NewsGator Go! and get instant notifications on the screen through NewsGator Desktop; Microsoft SharePoint 2007 support bring targeted RSS feeds into Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3 based portals, tag articles, and start discussions with single click and publish SharePoint content out to other locations; enhanced reporting; advanced service-oriented architecture to enable stronger integration within enterprises via portals and business-line applications, NGES 2.0 exposes additional core functionality through SOAP and REST APIs; and additional user and administrator features include email alerting,secure feed password expiration notification, Microsoft Simple List Extension support, and keyword feeds generated by searching a limited set of user feeds.