NewsGator 1.2 Integrates RSS with Outlook

May 23, 2003

Reinacker & Associates, Inc. (RAI) has released version 1.2 of NewsGator, the news aggregator for Microsoft Outlook. NewsGator retrieves news from news sites, weblogs, and other sources that support the RSS syndication format, and integrates the news items into Outlook folders. NewsGator 1.2 adds the ability for users to post items to their own weblogs, directly from Outlook. Posting is done via external plug-ins; RAI has released plug-ins for many weblog publishing tools, including Radio Userland,,, and BlogX. Plug-ins for Movable Type and EraBlog are also available from third-party development partners. Also in version 1.2, the integration between email and news posts is much tighter; users can reply to news authors via email or instant messenger, post a mailing list item directly to their weblog, or save a news post to an Exchange public folder. Weblogs and syndicated news feeds are no longer a separate information source competing for a user's attention; rather, Outlook now serves as the central information store, allowing both reading and publishing. News can be sorted, organized, grouped, or searched in a variety of ways, and can also be read offline. NewsGator 1.2 runs with Outlook 2000 or later, and is available immediately at $29 per copy, with quantity discounts available.