NewsCred Launches Integrated Marketing Edition of its Content Marketing Platform

Sep 13, 2018

NewsCredan enterprise content marketing platform (CMP) provider, announced the availability of the NewsCred CMP: Integrated Marketing Edition and introduced, as part of the new edition, Integrated Campaigns. The Integrated Marketing Edition unifies marketing organizations to drive performance and improve operational efficiency. Marketing teams now have a single space to view all marketing activities, align strategic priorities, govern, and measure the content experience of their customers, and reduce waste by tracking workflows and promoting asset utilization.

Omnichannel campaigns are at the heart of marketing organizations efforts to build brand equity and generate revenue. Integrated Campaigns optimizes how marketing teams work together by breaking down silos and inviting contributors from different teams, agencies, partners, and markets to work together in a unified space. With a central location for all campaign activity, marketing departments streamline planning, maintain brand governance and messaging consistency, and reduce duplication and waste. Integrated Campaign capabilities include:  

  • Integrated Marketing Planning Calendar: View all planned and in-progress marketing campaigns. Each campaign is color-coded and organized by initiative and includes descriptions, progress indicators, due dates, and nested sub-campaigns. Advanced search and filters can also be used to locate specific work.
  • Campaign Specific Asset Library: Compiles campaign-specific resources of any file type. Teams can upload and curate a single repository of assets for contributors across different functions and markets, ensuring content can be easily found.
  • Task Manager: Stay on top of all campaign dependencies by visualizing projects, events, and content. Create to-do lists for content and other tasks, establish due dates, assign ownership, and monitor status as items progress.
  • Productivity & Progress Tracking: Measure progress and ensure campaign success with real-time team productivity and performance updates. Monitor the team’s operational efficiency with step and progress indicators, status breakdowns of to-do items, as well as live activity and commenting streams that highlight the contributions and collaboration amongst individual campaign participants.
  • Individual Campaign Templates: Establish a single-source-of-truth for every campaign, complete with brief templates, branding guidelines, participants, supporting assets, to-do lists, and activity updates. Organize everything needed to complete the campaign in one place – including all sub-campaigns that ladder up to the broader initiative – and empower the team to focus on top priorities and meet deadlines.

In addition to global integrated campaigns, the Integrated Marketing Edition offers strategic briefs, global content library, multi-format content workflows, and advanced operational efficiency reporting. By providing the collaborative workspace and insights necessary to efficiently plan and execute all marketing initiatives, enterprises achieve greater alignment, faster time to market, and can maximize the omnichannel experience customers have with their content. For instance, strategic briefs keep team members aligned on the marketing strategy, goals, target audience, themes, messaging, channels and milestones from the start to the end of a campaign.

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