NewsCom Selects EasyAsk Enterprise 9

Jun 11, 2004

EasyAsk, a provider of search and information retrieval solutions, has announced that NewsCom, a leader in digital content management sales and distribution, has selected the new EasyAsk Enterprise 9.1 platform to power search on its site. By selecting EasyAsk Enterprise 9.1, NewsCom, a joint venture of Tribune Media Services (TMS) and Knight Ridder, enables editors to search through more than 11 million images and text documents, aggregated from over 60 suppliers. Users may access photos, graphics, text, and other editorial content from providers including Reuters, Getty, AFP, EFE, Itar Tass, Notimex, ZUMA, Tribune Media Services, Knight Ridder/Tribune, New York Times Syndicate, European Photopress Agency, and UPI. NewsCom also intends to cross-promote related content using EasyAsk Enterprise 9.1 in an effort to drive up orders.