News Technologies LLC Introduces TriggerNews Version 2

Nov 09, 2004

News Technologies LLC has announced the release of the second generation version of its TriggerNews PL (Private Label) product. This new system is designed to extend the power, ease-of-use, functionality, and advertising potential of its current TriggerNews PL product line. New features found in TriggerNews PL Version 2 include: an iconic user interface that now employs customer-customizable icons; end user windows (open client window, popup windows, etc.), now support skins; popup alert windows can be unique and individually sized, then saved as templates for later use with different alert types; multiple "pill-sized" windows (small, unique, persistently open desktop windows) can be created to display at different sizes and with almost any kind of data or graphics; support for geographic targeting of alerts delivered only to defined regions; and alerts can be scheduled for automatic delivery at specified dates and times or set up to be repeated. Like its predecessor, TriggerNews PL Version 2 is sold in single brand or multi-brand configurations. News Technologies LLC also offers its own monthly subscription news service called TriggerNews, which provides real-time business and world news alerts.