News Technologies Announces Private Label News Alerting Service

May 06, 2003

News Technologies LLC has announced they now offer a derivative, private-labeled version of TriggerNews to be used as a customized news, weather and/or traffic alerting system for any corporation or as a front end to content providers. The new product is called TriggerNews PL (Private Label). TriggerNews PL is comprised of two components: an administrator and a client application. The client application is 130K for fast downloading to a user's PC and runs in the background. It manages data coming from the Administrator by matching incoming news to a user's pre-defined triggers. News matching a user's criteria is displayed in a customizable alert window. The Administrator forms the core of the system. Programmed scanners pointing to news sources process articles and distribute alert data automatically to the client applications. Alternatively, human "Publisher-Editors" can manually enter and send alerts to their users. Features found in TriggerNews PL include: private branding to a company's specifications; customization of alerts--can be news, weather and/or traffic; popup alerts based on up to 20 user-defined triggers; multiple publisher-editor profile types; alert history and corresponding statistical analysis; dynamic preview of alerts; automatic client updates; and encrypted connections. The service can be hosted on a customer's own servers. For companies wanting a third-party hosting service, News Technologies developed a business relationship with Inflow, a provider of IT outsourcing solutions.

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