News Corp. Reports U.K. Digital Subscriptions On Rise, Print Still Prevails

Feb 16, 2012

News International, part of News Corp., released figures detailing print and digital subscriptions for The Times and The Sunday Times. Together, both papers' websites, apps, and digital editions gathered 6,147 new customers in January. While print circulation has steadily declined, it has yet to be trounced by digital counterparts, says

For The Times, print circulation has fallen to 40,849 since February 2011 while digital has increased by nearly as much (40,255). As of January, print still prevails with 405,113 subscriptions versus digital's 119,255. For The Sunday Times, print distribution has fallen from 1,045,495 to 967,975, a difference of 77,520. Digital subscriptions have more than doubled, from 50,000 last February to 113,818 in January.

Sunday Times cross-format sales have decreased overall by 38,835 since February 2011, whereas those for The Times have only fallen by 594. Additionally, The Times saw an average of 59,882 iPad downloads per day in January, while The Sunday Times racked up 63,959.