Newly Enhanced Evergage Recommend Announced

Jan 31, 2017

Evergage, the real-time personalization platform company, revealed new enhancements to its machine learning personalization solution, Evergage Recommend. Since its introduction, Evergage Recommend has provided digital marketers with flexibility in building, deploying, testing, and optimizing 1:1 product or content recommendations across websites, mobile apps, emails, and onsite search. But now, marketers have the power to create and deploy machine learning algorithms that incorporate recommendations seamlessly into every aspect of each visitor’s overall experience.

Take, for example, an online department store that sells thousands of products from different brands and across scores of categories. With Evergage’s deep behavioral tracking capabilities and the new enhancements to Evergage Recommend, the department store is able to understand affinities and offer personalized navigation for each and every shopper – customizing the homepage and navigation menu to prioritize the specific categories (or brands, styles, etc.) that are of greatest interest to each visitor. So, a mom with a young son might see images, offers, and menu items for women’s shoes, dresses and boys’ clothing on the home page, while a single male customer might see men’s shirts, jackets, and shoes.

Leveraging in-depth behavioral data, customer intent insights and individual profile data, as well as predictive analytics and machine-learning algorithms, Evergage Recommend empowers marketers across industries to make individual recommendations in real time and bring them to life in novel ways. New enhancements include:

  • SmartNav – With this new Evergage Recommend feature, marketers can now tailor website navigation to each visitor utilizing recommendation “recipes” based on product brand, class, style, gender and keyword.
  • SmartTrends – Companies using Evergage Recommend can now tap into the power of the crowd and show visitors how many others have been viewing or have purchased a specific item.
  • New Algorithms – Evergage Recommend enables marketers to quickly build their own recommendation recipes using one or more algorithms and applying filters, boosters and variations. This now includes three new core algorithms – Similar Items, Most Recently Published and Soon to Expire.