NewTek Ships TriCaster STUDIO

Jul 31, 2007

NewTek, Inc. has announced the shipment of TriCaster STUDIO, a turnkey portable, live production, and virtual set system that is designed for capability to video and live event producers. The combination of portability and setup with the live production capabilities of TriCaster STUDIO allows video producers to broadcast and web stream events and content at levels previously considered prohibitive. TriCaster STUDIO provides all of the capabilities of a live remote production truck including: component video, balanced audio, 6 video inputs and advanced switching features, live virtual sets, multiple upstream effects, dual virtual VCR's and more in a 16lb, low impact footprint.

A virtual set system in TriCaster STUDIO, LiveSet allows separate virtual sets to be assigned independently to all 6 camera inputs and the dual integrated VCR's. In addition, each input has an independent LiveMatte module designed for eliminating the need for hardware for each source to be connected to the system. Each virtual set supports virtual cameras with multiple angles and zoom levels with support for secondary video sources such as reflections, refractions and bump maps. TriCaster STUDIO in NTSC is available in North America for $9,995US. TriCaster STUDIO is available in dual standard internationally for $11,995US.