NewTek Releases Free Upgrade for VT[4]

Aug 02, 2005

NewTek Inc., a provider of 3-D animation and video products, has announced the release of VT[4] version 4.5, the latest update to the integrated production suite. The update includes new features and production-ready content as well as maintenance and workflow improvements. In v4.5, workflow has been enhanced with the addition of automated syncing of the storyboard view when a clip is selected in the timeline view, and the addition of title templates ready for use. The update also includes optimized resource and memory usage. The version 4.5 update also includes the new NewTek video codec, which can be used in place of the Microsoft DV codec. The codec offers several advantages, including capture in a color-space superior to normal DV clips, and less system overhead while recording live programs to disk.

VT[4] Version 4.5 new features include: iVGA to scan, convert, and display external computers as a switcher source; XGA projector output with NTSC upscaling; title templates for fast title production; LightWave 3-D 8.3 (for VT[4] customers who purchased LightWave 8); NewTek video codec; storyboard auto-scrolling to display selected clip in timeline; and support for closed captioning data pass through. VT[4] Version 4.5 is a free download for registered VT[4] owners; VT[4] retails at $3995.00.