New eLibrary Redesign Gives Novice Researchers a Jump-Start

Apr 17, 2018

The eLibrary online resource has a new look and feel that helps K-12 and other students start and successfully complete assignments. One of the resources selected for statewide support of California’s 10,000 schools and 6.2 million students, the eLibrary solution features a collection of full-text, editorially-created content on thousands of research topics that span more than 150 subject areas – people, places, historical events, current events, broad curricular themes and more. The new eLibrary interface responds to students’ demands for visual-appeal and intuitive design. Its Research Topics pages are easy to find and display the most common assignments and subjects up front, simplifying user workflows. The site’s responsive design is optimized for any screen, including mobile. And it’s now available on the ProQuest platform so users can cross-search its material with their institution’s other ProQuest content, improving discovery.

The new eLibrary design is based on extensive user research that revealed the most profound challenges for novice researchers. For example, selecting a topic was identified as the most stressful research-related task. The eLibrary platform addresses that challenge by guiding users to interesting and approved topics. Content is curated by editorial specialists for appropriateness and reliability. Users are pointed to vetted sources like newspapers, magazines, transcripts, reference books, images, maps, websites and videos.

eLibrary includes features such as Google Classroom and Google Drive integration and Lexile reading levels, and it aligns to curriculum standards. Features like text-to-speech and language translation ensure accessibility for researchers from all backgrounds.