New dtSearch Product Line Version Released

Dec 09, 2003

dtSearch Corp., a supplier of enterprise, end-user, and developer text retrieval software, has announced Version 6.3 of its dtSearch product line. dtSearch products are designed to search gigabytes of text across a desktop, network, Internet, or Intranet. The new release includes enhancements to dtSearch's enterprise and developer-oriented products, with minor enhancements to dtSearchs desktop and network products. All dtSearch products share the same core search and display functionality, including: indexed, unindexed, full-text, and fielded data search options; WYSWYG display of HTML, XML and PDF files with highlighted hits, with embedded images, links, and formatting intact; and built-in HTML converters for display of word processor, database, spreadsheet, email, ZIP, Unicode, etc. files, with highlighted hits.

dtSearch Web with Spider uses a wizard-based setup to publish a large volume of searchable content to the Web. The Spider is designed to add remote Web site content to the locally searchable database, with integrated relevancy ranking of search results and hit-highlighted WYSWYG page displays. The Spider supports public sites, secure content HTTPS sites, password-accessible sites, and dynamic-content ASP/ASP.NET code. The new version of dtSearch Web with Spider uses multi-threaded algorithms for faster searching (generally at the sub-second level) on sites with a large volume of concurrent searching across data sets. dtSearch Publish enables quick publishing of a searchable document collection to CD or DVD. dtSearch Publish also works with dtSearch Web to mirror an existing Web site on CD or DVD. The new version of dtSearch Publish enhances the zero footprint CD/DVD operation, including a streamlined user interface. The user interface can operate out of the boxas a default installation for CD/DVD publishing. Alternatively, the dtSearch Publish wizard provides multiple customization options (no programming required).

The dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine, with Win & .NET and Linux versions, lets developers add dtSearch's searching and file format support to Web-based and other applications. The dtSearch Engine supports SQL, Delphi, Java, C++, C++.NET, C#, VB.NET, and ASP.NET. The new version adds a Language Analyzer API for integrating third-party morphological analyzers and dictionary-based word breakers into the dtSearch Engine indexing process. The new API works in conjunction with dtSearch's existing international language support, including Unicode support for all character sets supported by the Unicode standard. International language support also includes forensically-oriented auto-detection of language groups (Western European, Eastern European, Middle-Eastern, etc.). For European languages, dtSearch's UK distributor offers a Language Extension Pack, with pre-packaged sets of noise word lists and stemming rules (to find linguistically related words, such as in English learn, learned, learns, learning, etc.).

The dtSearch product line generally offers over two dozen indexed, unindexed, fielded and full-text search options, including: fuzziness adjustable from 0 to 10 (to sift through typographical and spelling errors), synonym/concept/thesaurus, boolean (and/or/not), natural language relevancy ranking, phrase, phonic, wildcard, bilateral proximity, stemming, numeric range, and variable term weighting. Version 6.3 adds directed proximity searching to the list of supported search types. The new search feature applies to dtSearch Desktop with Spider and dtSearch Network with Spider, as well as to dtSearchs developer-oriented products. Pricing is $199 for dtSearch Desktop with Spider, from $800 for dtSearch Network with Spider, from $999 for dtSearch Web with Spider, and from $2,500 for dtSearch Publish.