New York Times Enhances Electronic Edition

May 11, 2004

The New York Times Electronic Edition has announced several new product features that are intended to enhance system functionality and streamline reader interaction. The Electronic Edition is the exact replica of the newspaper that may be downloaded to a Windows-based PC. New features include the ability to cut and paste articles into a document or email. Additional enhancements include the ability to store previously purchased issues for one year and extended search capabilities, including the ability to search key words for 30 consecutive issue dates. These new features and capabilities will be available beginning Sunday, May 9. The Electronic Edition launched in October 2001 and NewsStand Inc. serves as the digital circulation service. It features The Times' news, graphics and advertising in the same format as the physical newspaper while providing readers with special viewing options. Readers may perform word searches and may zoom in on particular stories or photos, which are resized automatically for viewing. The Electronic Edition may be downloaded at any location that has an Internet connection and then read offline.

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