New York Times Company's Ricochet Drawing in Other Publishers

Mar 14, 2013

In 2012, The New York Times Company introduced Ricochet, a tool that allows brands to connect a specific ad with a story, no matter where that story travels across the web. Now, big names such as Conde Nast, Forbes, PEOPLE Digital, and The New Yorker are signing on, according to the NYT.

Still not quite sure how Ricochet works? The NYT explains it this way:

"Ricochet allows brands to search and find content from premium publishers, upload their ad creative and share it with their owned media channels and social following. The Ricochet platform (patent pending) creates a unique Web address that binds the brand's advertising to content for a set duration. During that duration the brand can share the Ricochet links through any of its owned media channels and across social media."