New Version of Released

Aug 28, 2007

ZYB, a mobile data company, has released a new version of its service. Currently known as a mobile phone backup service, ZYB now stores content from the phone online, and also connects users to friends. With the new version, ZYB lets you turn your mobile phone’s address book into a social network and connects you to the people you know from real life.

ZYB uploads a mobile phone’s address book and calendar to an online account after you sign up to the service. As a result, you get online access to your phone’s content from anywhere, and transferring the phone’s content to a new phone in the future is done over-the-air on ZYB’s website. The new ZYB also links your phone’s address book to an online community that is constantly connected to your mobile phone, so any updates made by your friends, are automatically updated in your mobile phone. ZYB intends to link the mobile phone and online social networking with this new version.