New Version of Politwoops Captures Deleted Tweets

Feb 28, 2017

Politicians sometimes regret what they tweeted. With Politwoops one can search and find tweets that politicians have deleted. Adding 768 candidates in the Dutch elections, Open State Foundation launched a new version of Politwoops. Besides automated archiving of deleted tweets by politicians, the new version of Politwoops has improved search and filter options and shows realtime statistics. It's now easier to see how fast a tweet has been deleted by a politician or a candidate, what and when politicians and what parties delete the most. 

Politwoops has archived and published deleted tweets of politicians since 2010. Since then Open State Foundation has launched Politwoops in 54 countries and the European parliament. These websites are often used by journalists and others, especially during elections. The US version of Politwoops is run by ProPublica.