New Veeva Web2PDF Converts Web Content to Review and Submission-Ready PDFs

Jan 28, 2016

Veeva Systems introduced Veeva Web2PDF, a free online solution that quickly and accurately converts web content into complete PDFs. Open and available to all, at no cost, Veeva Web2PDF automates a highly manual, error-prone process by delivering a precise rendition of rich, interactive content in minutes, enabling faster digital content review and mark-up.

This challenge is particularly acute for life sciences organizations and their agency partners, which typically submit promotional content for review to health authorities and internal groups in PDF form. However, the process used to generate those PDFs is time consuming, labor intensive, and costly. To quickly convert interactive online content into PDFs, users simply enter the website or landing page URL directly into Veeva Web2PDF, then receive a high-fidelity PDF by email in minutes.


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