New Trover Widgets Bring Annotated Travel Photos to Any Website or Blog

Feb 27, 2014

Trover, a community-driven visual guide serving travelers and local culture enthusiasts, announced three free photo widgets that provide any website the opportunity to showcase high quality location-based photos created and curated by Trover's community. Available immediately, the Trover widgets make it possible to quickly publish geo-tagged images, stories, and insider tips documented by the Trover community to help bloggers and websites deliver unique visual photo guides.

Trover created the widgets by employing best practices learned while creating custom programs for Bing Travel apps for Windows and Windows Phone and hotel network buuteeq. The three widgets include the Trover Location Widget, Trover List Widget and Trover Profile Widget.

Trover Location Widget makes it eaiery for any destination-oriented website or blog to showcase original, geo-targeted, curated photos based on a proximity to a city, street address, or neighborhood. Trover List Widget offers a way for blogs and websites to more deeply engage their readers through high quality images that showcase personal interests, favorite places, or specific adventures. Trover Profile Widget helps travel, food and local bloggers publish their personal discoveries. Used in conjunction with the Trover app, the Profile Widget provides an instant way to publish photos, tips, and map details directly from the field.