New Survey Shows More than 50% of Digital Marketers Are Concerned with Data Exhaust

Oct 25, 2018

As data has become increasingly more important in today’s business world, marketers have become very aware of the value it presents in terms of generating additional revenues for their companies. However, a majority of marketers are concerned about the valuable data their companies may be discarding, according to a recent Digital Data Exhaust Survey conducted by Digital Element, the global geolocation data and services provider.

The survey, conducted in partnership with the Location Based Marketing Association, showed that digital marketers recognized data exhaust as a growing issue for their companies. Data exhaust is a term used to describe the data that companies toss out because they feel it provides little or no value to their core business. The majority of respondents?regardless of company type?were either very (39%) or somewhat (29%) concerned with data exhaust. Almost one-third of digital marketers did not know the percentage of data their companies actually threw away. Another 18% indicated they were throwing away at least 25 to 50% of their data.

While almost 40% of respondents said they were fully leveraging the types of IP data that were available or that they needed, 61% of digital marketers left plenty of room for improvement because they were not utilizing all the different data points available to them or were not aware of the different types of data associated with an IP address.  

Among the survey’s other findings:

  • With an opportunity to use an extra 25% of the data they currently discard, 60% of respondents said it would definitely result in increased revenues
  • 71% of digital marketers ranked location data as very important--55% were currently using location-based IP data, 32% planned to add it in the next 12 to 18 months
  • 78% of respondents ranked accuracy as their top concern when specifically related to IP data

The Digital Data Exhaust Survey represents responses from 100 digital marketing professionals from around the world. The survey was primarily administered to the LBMA’s global membership, online and through phone calls during July and August 2018. Responses were also elicited from digital marketing executives outside the LBMA membership, augmented through email and social media outreach.

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