New Smartling Mobile Delivery Network Solves Android and iOS Mobile App Localization Challenges

Feb 02, 2017

Smartling, a global language translation and content localization innovator, announced the widespread availability of its proprietary Mobile Delivery Network, building on the company’s comprehensive Mobile Localization Solution.

The Smartling Mobile Delivery Network solves what traditionally has been a problematic interdependency between mobile app release cycles and translated content updates, enabling developers, translators, and localization professionals to work independently of each other. Updated translations and newly localized content are delivered to the app through this over-the-air service, which means multilingual content and translation edits can be released on a separate schedule, completely decoupled from updates to the app’s core code.

Other key benefits of the Smartling Mobile Delivery Network include:

  • International users can see translated content faster, without updating the application. Instead, updates and new translations appear automatically as soon as the user opens the app.
  • Time-to-market is accelerated as the Smartling Mobile Delivery Network eliminates the need for companies to resubmit their apps to the App Store or Google Play for review every time a translation is updated or new language is launched.